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transporter TL-400

#1 von Manuelvillegas ( gelöscht ) , 18.02.2019 18:20

Hello ,
I live in mexico and have a transporter and wanted to know values of a perfectly restored transporter, befor I start. This was imported to mexico in the 70's by my grandfather. Its been in my family since.
I have reatored other cars and have learned that prices for the cars have to be high enough to restore the car.
Any info would be greatly apreciated.


RE: transporter TL-400

#2 von Daffi22 , 18.02.2019 19:53


Can you show us some pictures From your tl. Thanks

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RE: transporter TL-400

#3 von goggotransporter , 18.02.2019 22:10

Yes,some detailed fotos of the car would be very helpful to give you more substantial info.
If you plan to restore and sell with a profit, better leave the car to a real enthusiast.
Restoring a Transporter can be a long term thing, many specific parts not easy or impossible to get hold of.

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